Environmental Law Section Executive Committee Agenda

Meeting Agenda
Thursday, October 16, 2014, 5:00 p.m.
In-person meeting only

  1. Roll Call (Gideon Kracov/Chris Calfee)
  2. ExComm Membership Transitions (Gideon Kracov)
    • Introductions, Bar Staff and Welcome to New Members
    • Icebreaker – What would you be doing if not practicing environmental law? 
    • Special Thanks to Outgoing Members
    • Review of Advisor Policy
    • Roster
    • Enviro. Law Cloud Site
      • Go to http://collab.calbar.ca.gov/hc
      • Enter your State Bar member # as your User Name
      • Enter the actual word “password” as your password
      • Enter “sems” as the Domain
  3. Approval of September 5, 2014 Minutes (Gideon Kracov/Chris Calfee)
  4. Financial Report (Gideon Kracov/Amy Gaylord)
    • Strategic Budget Planning brief discussion
  5. Yosemite Report (Roger Moore)
    • Status report on registrations, sponsorships, scholarships, ecopledge (Gary Lucks), photos, reimbursements, etc.
    • Sign-ups to staff ExComm Table
  6. The Coming Year (Gideon Kracov)
    • Special Focus on Setting Quantitative Goals
    • Survey and SubCommittees (Finalize Dec.)
      – Webinars and Leg. Committee
    • New Summer Fellowships (Sandy Crockett)
  7. 2015 In-Person Programs (deadline for submissions is November 14, 2014)
    • Student Negotiation Competition (March 13, SF)
    • Annual Energy Conference
    • Central Valley “Your Voice”
    • North Coast “Your Voice”
    • Sierra Water Summit
    • New – Law School Affinity Group programs
    • New – Day Long In Person With Public Law Section
  8. 2014-2015 Meeting Schedule (Sandy Crockett)
    • So. Cal. Retreat (Feb.)
    • Sacto. In Person (May)
  9. Announcements and Other Business

Next Executive Committee Meeting:
Friday, December 4, 2014
9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Teleconference Only