International Law Section Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

Saturday, October 10, 2015 - 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Anaheim Marriott
Call-In Line 855 520-7605 Code 4155382308

  1. Call to Order and Roll Call (Brian Arbetter/Diana Mack)
  2. Welcome (Brian Arbetter/Julie Martinez)
  3. New Members/Advisors - Welcome (Brian Arbetter) and Personal Introductions (Everyone)
  4. Chair and State Bar Report (Brian Arbetter/Harumi Hata/Julie Martinez)
  5. Approval of Minutes from July 21, 2015 & August 18, 2015 (Diana Mack)
  6. Financial Report (Enrique Hernandez)
  7. Warren M. Christopher International Lawyer of the Year Award Reception - Update (Harumi Hata/Julie Martinez)
  8. Programs Committee (Bill Gay/Anne Hocking)
    • Annual Meeting Programs Update (Bill Gay/Anne Hocking)
    • Immigration Programs Subcommittee (Greg Berk)
    • 2016 International Conference (Harumi Hata/Brian Arbetter/Jeff Daar/Maria Chedid/Alexandra Darraby/Enrique Hernandez/Lizbeth Flores/Al Golbert/Bill Gay) - this conference will include international arbitration
    • Section Networking Mixers (Jeff Daar/Greg Berk)
  9. The California International Law Journal Committee (Mark Danis)
  10. E-Newsletter (Harumi Hata)
  11. External Relationships Committee (Enrique Hernandez -- Michael Newman traveling abroad)
    • Vietnam Lawyers Association (VLA) Friendship Agreement - Update (Enrique Hernandez/Harumi Hata)
    • Ho Chi Minh Lawyers Association (Enrique Hernandnez/Harumi Hata)
  12. Remaining Sub-Committees (written reporting only, unless discussion required)
    1. Social Media (Jeff Daar/Diana Mack)
    2. Webinars (Greg Berk)
    3. Law Students (Karla Haynes), including receptions for foreign LLM students in Silicon Valley and San Diego to be planned and hosted by the Procopio firm (Enrique Hernandez)
    4. Public International Law (Mary Hansel)
  13. Sponsorships (Brian Arbetter)
  14. CYLA (Bora Rawcliffe)
  15. ABA Section of International Law (Karla Haynes)
  16. Plans for 2015-2016 Year (Harumi Hata)
  17. Other Business
  18. Adjournment