May 1-3, 2015
Resort at Squaw Creek
400 Squaw Creek Road, Olympic Valley, CA 96146

May 1, 2015

12:00-4:30 p.m.
Session 1
May 1, 2015
1:00-4:30 p.m.

I Welcome, Report of the Vice Chair, Section Administrator (20 min. total)

A. Welcome/Introductions -- Crickard

B. Approval of Minutes of March 1, 2015 -- Crickard

C. Report of the Vice Chair -- Kohlmann

1. Finance Report

D. Retreat Activities - Gold

E. Report of the Section Administrator - Buelter

F. Council of State Bar Sections - Crickard

II Nominating Committee (3 min.) - Schenone

III Legislation (120 min.) - Lera/Ascher

A. Status Review of Active ALP Projects:

1. Probate Code Clarification Regarding Clerk’s Duty To Provide Copy of Lodged Will - Lamping

(T&E 2015-2)

Would amend Probate Code section 8200(c) to clarify that “informational” certified copies of death certificates fall within the scope of the statute and entitle the bearer, who pays the required fee, to a copy of a lodged will from the clerk.

2. Revised Probate Code Section 21524 - Shaver

(T&E 2016-1)

Expands the provisions of a qualifying marital deduction trust to include a trust that requires distribution of all income to the surviving spouse, including income determined pursuant to an adjustment power or a unitrust payment, and eliminates an unnecessary requirement to pay undistributed income to the estate of the surviving spouse.

3. Revise Probate Code Section 16501 and 16502 - Ascher

(Notice of Proposed Action By Trustee)
(T&E 2016-2)
Expands the scope of Probate Code section 16501to allow the notice of proposed action procedure for trusts to be used for distribution matters, and shortens the notice period for trusts under Probate Code section 16502 from 45 days to 30 days.

4. Revise Probate Code Sections 13651 and 13656 - Thoreen

(Determination of Character of Deceased Spouse’s Property Passing to Surviving Spouse)
(T&E 2016-3)
Amends Probate Code Sections 13651 and Section 13656 to clarify that, if requisite facts are alleged, the court is also authorized to make a determination of the character of deceased spouse’s property passing to the surviving spouse as either separate property or community property if there is a dispute or if that determination otherwise becomes pertinent to a proceeding brought under Section 13650; a separate proceeding for this determination (e.g. under Probate Code § 850) does not need to be initiated.

B. Important guidelines for bill tracking

1. Please use the approved format for legislative proposals.

2. Please use the approved comment form for legislation comments.

3. Always send your comments or position papers to Saul and Mark with copies to Chair Schenone, Vice Chair Crickard, and Chair and Vice Chair of the Legislation Committee and not directly to a member of the legislative staff or author.

4. Online Bill Tracking legislative information: or (Go to this website for texts of any bills that have not been uploaded to the agenda

packet); CapitalTrack sites (See Legislation Committee Workroom Folder and Legislative Matric)

5. Coordinate contact with legislative staff and testimony with the legislative staff and Saul and Mark.

C. Report on 2015 Legislation

1. Incapacity -Lera

2. Estate Planning - Carchidi

3. Litigation - Stroh/Thoreen

4. Tax - Prouty

5. Trust and Estate Administration - Lauth

IV Incapacity (15 min.) - Lera

A. Joint Committee on PC 21380 (N/R) - Matiasevich

B. Confidential Marriage (N/R) - Murphy

C. Update to Probate Code Section 2365.5 (N/R) - Lindsley

D. Conservatorship Oversight Hearings - Lera

E. Judicial Council Requests for Comment - Lera

1. SP15-02 - Horwitz

2. SPR15-28 - Matiasevich

3. SPR15-29 - Wilkerson

V Trust and Estate Administration (20 min.) - Lauth

A. Modification and Termination of Trust- Proposed ALP - Poochigian

B. Non-probate Transfers of Vehicles (N/R) - West

C. Conforming Probate Code with Cal. LLP/LLC Law (N/R) - Prokey

D. Tax Reimbursement Clauses and Rights of Creditors (N/R) - Prokey

E. Hasso Revisited - Probate Code §16350 (2 min) - Schenone

F. Declaration of Trust Funding (Kwok) - Kohlmann

G. CCBA Resolution 2-10-14 (N/R) - Gold

H. Trustee Temporary Delegation of Signing Authority (N/R) - Ascher

VI Membership & Marketing (10 min.) - West/Gold

A. Ethics Guide- Update - Corey/Buelter

B. Member Survey Results - West

C. Benefits Announcements - West

VII Educating Seniors (20 min.) - Wilkerson

A. Community Presentations/Town Halls - Ellerman/Carico

B. Print Materials - Knitter

C. Website - Lindsley

(End of Session 1)

May 2, 2015


9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Retreat Topic #1: Social Media Training Session and Discussion (2 hours)

A. Social Media Tools

Overview of website, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and e-Bulletins Slide Presentation on e-Bulletins and Social Media including: how to create and post e- bulletins, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

B. How Other Sections Use Social Media

Live Demonstration
- Finding Content: What is relevant and where do you locate sources?
- Drafting Content: Short, relevant and timely
- Posting Content: e-Bulletin, LinkedIn post and Tweet

C. Discussion re TEXCOM’s Possible Use of Social Media

(Break: 10 minutes)

Retreat Topic #2: Uniform Power of Appoint Act:
Adoption of Selected Provisions in California (45 minutes)

May 3, 2015

Session 2
9 a.m. - 12 noon

VIII Conference of California Bar Associations (90 min.) - Stroh

A. 5-01 Statute of Frauds (Litigation)

B. 5-02 Standing in 17200 Proceedings (Litigation)

C. 5-03 Probate No Contest/Disclosure in Trustee Notif. (Admin.)

D. 5-04 Deletion of Reference to Repealed Code Section (Estate Planning)

E. 5-05 Attorneys’ Fees/Costs Failure to Provide Trust Terms (Admin.)

F. 5-06 Modifying Irrevocable Trusts (Admin.)

G. 9-02 Spousal Transfers (Litigation)

H. 10-01 Sex Offender Registration (Incap.)

I. 10-02 Joint Tenancy Property/Liability for Debts of Dec’d Spouse (Admin.)

J. 10-03 Conservatorships/Renewal of Petition for Termination (Incap.)

K. 10-04 Capacity Standards for Wills and Trusts (Litigation)

L. 10-05 Right to Jury Trial (Conservatorships) (Litigation)

M. 10-06 Right to Jury Trial (Conservatorships) (Litigation)

IX Litigation (20 min.) Stroh/Thoreen

A. Creditor Rights in Spendthrift Trusts (N/R) Carchidi

B. Discovery in Trust Litigation (N/R) Stroh

C. Joint Committee on Probate Code 21380- ALP (10 min.) Matiasevich

D. New Cases of Interest (5 min.) Horwitz

E. Judicial Council Requests for Comment (LEG15-02) (5 min) Stroh

X Education (10 min.) Ellerman/Lauth

A. Annual Meeting Programs and Roadshow Ellerman

B. Spring Stand Alone Program Ellerman

C. Legal Specialization Prep Ellerman/Lauth

D. Solo Summit Program Ellerman

E. Webinars Ellerman/Matiasevich

F. Your Legal Rights Lauth

XI Tax Prouty

XII Estate Planning (N/R) Carchidi

A. Uniform Power of Appointment Act (Retreat Session) Carchidi

B. Uniform Digital Assets Act Carchidi/Lauth

C. Webinars Carchidi

D. Transfer on Death Deeds Legislation (See Legislation) Prouty

XIII Long-Range Planning (5 min.) Kohlmann

XIV Social Media (N/R) West

XV Uniform Laws (N/R) Kwon

XVI CLRC (N/R) Wilkerson

XVII Ethics (5 min) Ascher

XVIII Quarterly (5 min) Poochigian

XIX New Business/Old Business


A. Next Meeting – June 13, 2015, at the Westin Los Angeles Airport

B. Travel Reimbursement