Council of State Bar Sections


  • The purposes and responsibilities of the Council of State Bar Sections include:

  • Representing and acting on behalf of the Sections in communicating with and advising the Board of Trustees of the position of the Council without restricting any individual Section's ability to represent its position on any matter;

  • Advising the Board of Trustees on matters pertaining to policies and procedures that affect the Sections generally, such as the format and content of the Sections' portion of the annual dues statement published by the State Bar;

  • Fostering communication between the Board of Trustees and the Sections and among the Sections;

  • Developing and implementing efficiencies in the delivery of Section services to members of the State Bar; and

  • Working with the State Bar staff to develop, promote and implement cost-effective procedures for supporting the activities of the Sections.

For agendas of recent meetings, see Agendas.