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Voluntary organizations of attorneys and associates sharing an area of interest or expertise, Sections provide a vehicle for the exchange of ideas and information on new developments in the law, valuable networking opportunities for member personal growth, and participation in the legislative process including formulation of the State Bar's legislative program.

The State Bar of California promotes 16 Sections concentrating on a variety of practice areas including antitrust, business and estate planning, as well as special interest areas including law practice management and technology.


Membership service is the priority of the Bar's Sections. Sections offer many professional services, including:

  • newsletters, journals, papers and reports to apprise members of key developments in their field of expertise or area of interest;
  • high quality educational seminars involving noted experts;
  • committees through which members actively participate and share their interests and experience;
  • legislative involvement, including comment on administrative regulations and rules of court, promoting positions on pending legislation or formulating legislation for inclusion in the State Bar's legislative program;
  • special discounts on professional services and products, through the State Bar Foundation;
  • social and leisure activities.

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With more than 60,000 enrollments in the Sections of the State Bar of California, nearly half of the State Bar constituency enjoys the value, service and benefits of membership in a State Bar Section.

If you're not a member, consider enrolling in a Section today! See Join a Section or read on for descriptions of all 16 Sections. The Sections of the State Bar of California look forward to serving you.


For information call 415-538-2554.

The Section was established in 1981 to further the knowledge of its members in federal and state antitrust and trade regulation law, focusing on litigation and antitrust counseling, and privacy issues. It considers both private and government enforcement actions. (The Section was renamed in 2015; formerly it was the Antitrust & Unfair Competition Law Section.)

Section standing committees: Education & Programs, Journal, Legislation and Publications.

For information call 415-538-2570.

Established in 1977, the Section furthers the knowledge of its members in the areas of business law; establishes relationships with leaders in the business bar and contributes to the development of policy and legislation affecting the California business community.

Section standing committees: Agri-business, Business Courts, Consumer Corporate Law Departments, Corporations, Debtor/Creditor Relations & Bankruptcy, Education, Financial Institutions, Financial Services, Franchise, Insurance, Non-profit/Unincorporated Organizations, Partnerships and UCC/Commercial Law.

For information call 415-538-2568.

The Section was established in 1977 to advance its members' knowledge in federal and state criminal law, including substantive and procedural law, prisoner confinement, offender rehabilitation, and other matters relating to the prosecution and defense of persons accused of crimes.

Section standing committees: Federal Courts, Law School Liaison, Legislation, Membership Newsletter and Programs.

For information call 415-538-2582.

The Section was established in 1992 to offer its members information, guidance and services pertaining to laws affecting the environment and environmental regulatory law.

Section standing committees: CEQA, Education, International, Legislation, Local & Minority Bar, Membership and Publications.

For information call 415-538-2238.

Established in 1978, the Section is charged with furthering the knowledge of its members in all matters relating to family law including marriage, dissolution, custody and support, community property, adoptions, and other matters affecting the rights, privileges, duties and responsibilities of members of the family.

Section standing committees: Adoptions, Custody and Visitation, Editorial Board, Property Division and Support.

For information call 415-538-2375.

The Section was established in 1976 to further the knowledge of its members in the law of patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, and other intellectual property issues.

Section Interest Groups: Copyrights; Entertainment and Sports; In-House Counsel; International; Legislation; Licensing; Litigation; Patent; Technology, internet, and Privacy Law; Trademark; Trade Secrets; Section Publications: New Matter, Inevitable Disclosures

For information call 415-538-2380.

Established in 1987, the Section furthers the knowledge of its members in the international legal practice and its associates in the fields of international relations.

Section standing committees: Ethics and Immigration, International Legal Exchanges, Legislation and Policy, Membership, Programs and Publications.

For information call 415-538-2590.

The Section was established in 1982 to further the knowledge of its members and provide a forum of California's labor lawyers and non-lawyers with an interest in labor relations and employment issues.

Section standing committees: Education, Membership, Program, Publications and Writing Competition.

For information call 415-538-2520.

The Section was established in 1980 to improve the quality of law practice through effective management techniques, and to further the knowledge of the legal profession in the economical and ethical delivery of legal services, management of a law office and technology.

Section standing committees: Administration, Client Relations, Education, Financial Management, Law Practice Systems & Management and Lawyer Relationships.

For information call 415-538-2546.

Established in 1983, the Section promotes excellence in all areas affecting dispute resolution, pre-trial discovery, the expeditious trial of lawsuits, effective judicial administration, uniform rules of court, and the protection and preservation of the independence of a judiciary of high quality.

Section standing committees: Administration of Justice, Alternative Dispute Resolution, California Litigation Editorial Board, Court Rules, Education, Federal Practice, Outreach and Technology and the Law.

For information call 415-538-2248.

The Section was established in 1978 to assist, advocate for, and further the knowledge of members either in contact with governmental agencies, departments or boards or members practicing in the areas of public law including administrative, land use/environment, government contracts, legislation & political, public interest & information, government tort liability and community development.

For information call 415-538-2564.

Established in 1978, the Section furthers the knowledge of its members in real property law, including the law of mortgages and trust deeds, liens, encumbrances, property taxes, land titles, land use and environmental regulations.

Section standing committees: Education, Finance/Budget, Journal, Legislation, Membership, Outreach & Executive Committee Recruitment, Pro Bono, Retreat Committee, Subsection Relations, Technology/Internet.

Subsections: Affordable Housing, Central Coast Roundtable, Common Interest Development, Construction and Commercial/Industrial Development, Environmental Law, Fresno/Central Valley Roundtable, Inverse Condemnation/Eminent Domain, Landlord-Tenant, Natural Resources, Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Litigation, Real Estate Sales and Brokerage, Sacramento/Central Valley Roundtable, Zoning and Land Use.

For information call 415-538-2350.

Established in 1987, the Section provides a state-wide forum and promotes services to and for solo practitioners and all other attorneys with a general practice.

Section standing committees: Membership, Programs and Publications.

For information call 415-538-2580.

The Section was established in 1975 to advocate for and further the knowledge of its members in the law of federal, state and local tax work and to increase the impact of the California tax bar both in Washington and Sacramento.

Section standing committees: Bankruptcy/Insolvency, Corporate Tax, Employee Benefits, Estate & Gift Tax, Income/Other Taxes, International Tax, Pass-Through Entities/Real Estate, State and Local Tax, Tax Exempt Organizations and Tax Procedure & Litigation.

For information call 415-538-2206.

The Section was established in 1976 to advance the law of probate and trust and matters of estate planning, administration, distribution, accounting and accountability, drafting of wills and trust, guardianships and conservatorship and probate reform.

Section standing committees: Education, Estate Planning & Tax, Estate Trust Administration, Ethics, Incapacity, Legislation and Litigation.

For information call 415-538-2256.

Established in 1987, the Section furthers the knowledge of its members through promotion and improvement of the legal practice, legislation, and service of workers' compensation to the people of California.

Section standing committees: Education, Ethics, Internet, Legislation, Membership, Practice, Public Affairs and Publications.

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