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California Solo and Small Firm Summit

Schedule of Events for Friday

California Solo & Small Firm Summit
June 16 – 18, 2016
Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa

Friday, June 17, 2016

Event Time

(13) General Session and Continental Breakfast: Leveraging the Power of Social Media (Part 1): Using Facebook and Content Marketing to Get More Leads

Facebook and content marketing are two of the most cost effective ways to generate high quality leads to your law firm. Many law firms have tried social media and failed because they didn’t have a proven blueprint that shows them exactly how to do it…until now! At this information-packed session you will learn about the three biggest mistakes lawyers make with social media and how to avoid them; seven strategies to tap into the power of Facebook; how to get qualified leads on Facebook; using content marketing to position yourself as an industry thought leader, and more!

MCLE: Not for MCLE Credit

Speaker: Stephen Fairley

8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Concurrent Sessions

(14) Practical Tips on Locating Insurance for Your Law Practice

Insurance either funds or is involved in two-thirds of all civil litigation. This program will review strategies and methods of uncovering insurance policies which can be applied in every litigators practice. Speaker will address hypothetical situations where first party and
third party coverages are commonly overlooked by both plaintiffs and defense counsel.

MCLE: 1.0 Hour

Speakers: William Hanagami, Demian Oksenendler

(15) Let’s Make a Deal: The Ethics of Negotiation

Does anyone really expect anything a lawyer says in negotiation to be truthful? Does that expectation impact an attorney’s ethical duties, including the duty of honesty? May an attorney ethically “gild the lily” in settlement negotiations? This program will explore where the ethical line lies in negotiation and when it is crossed.

MCLE: 1.0 Hour Legal Ethics

Legal Specialization: 1.0 Hour Legal Malpractice

Speakers: Robert D. Brain, Joel A. Osman, David Majchrzak

(16) Law Office Technology -- Interesting and Useful Tools

This program will cover the essential technology devices and systems useful in law offices and critical in smaller offices, including voice recognition/dictation, video conferencing (three systems), off-site transcription, phone systems (VOIP, auto attendant, call forwarding, etc.), and office management software (Amicus, Abacus, Clio, etc.)

MCLE: 1.0 Hour

Speakers: Peter N. Brewer, Peter M. Rehon

9:45 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.

Concurrent Sessions

(17) Data Security and Privacy for Solo and Small Law Firms

Data security is not simply a smart risk management step for solo practitioners and small law firms. Specific legal and ethical obligations require law firms to provide data security or their information and that of their clients. This program will provide an overview of those obligations and present strategies for compliance.

MCLE: 1.0 Hour Legal Ethics

Speakers: Dominique-Chantale Alepin, Nicolas Chaillan

(18) ABC’s of Arbitration and Mediation -- A Basic Primer on How to Do Them

This program will provide an introduction to the two primary alternative dispute resolution methods. Learn about the pros and cons of each method, strategies as to which method may be better in a particular case, and the dos and don’ts for practitioners who don’t regularly use ADR.

MCLE: 1.0 Hour

Speakers: Jeff Dasteel, Jill Switzer

(19) Sexual Harassment in the Workplace -- What Every Employer Needs to Know in 2016: A Plaintiff and Defense Perspective

This program will provide an overview from the plaintiff’s and defense perspective of the laws, cases and regulations pertaining to bringing and defending claims of workplace sexual harassment. Learn how social media impacts workplace harassment claims,
and get an update on the recent changes to the Fair Employment & Housing Council’s regulations.

MCLE: 1.0 Hour

Speakers: Cynthia Elkins, Teresa McQueen

11 a.m. - 12 noon

(20) Friday Lunch Program -- Guess Who’s Coming to Court

This program will examine the hidden manifestations of bias in the interpersonal relationships among lawyers, and how it’s being dealt with by ethics rules across the country.

MCLE: 1.0 Hour Elimination of Bias

Speaker: Stuart Teicher

12:15 p.m. - 1:15 p.m.

Concurrent Sessions

(21) Ten Tips to Run Your Firm Well, Profitably, and Ethically

This program will present ways to provide high-quality, cost-effective legal services, while maintaining a healthy balance with personal life. Learn about business systems, marketing plans, cultivation of a healthy law firm culture, being generous in all aspects of one’s life, office and law practice efficiency, prudent and ethical business decisions, developing trusting relationships, and staying current in the law and ethics.

MCLE: 1.0 Hour Competence Issues

Speakers: Peter N. Brewer, Peter M. Rehon

(22) It Takes All Kinds: The Ethics of Dealing with Difficult Personalities

This progarm will address the practical and ethical issues that arise when a lawyer finds him or herself dealing with a difficult personality -- whether it be an obnoxious opposing counsel, an unrealistic and demanding client, a cantankerous judge, or a difficult member of the public.

MCLE: 1.0 Legal Ethics

Legal Specialization: 1.0 Hour Legal Malpractice

Speakers: Eric Deitz, Scott Garner, David Majchrzak

(23) Social Media and Reputation Management for Small Law Firms

This program will review the advantages and risks of law firms using social media and how best to protect their reputation online. Panelists also will cover the ethical rules governing use of social media and responding to consumer reviews.

MCLE: 1.0 Hour of Which 0.5 Hour Applies to Legal Ethics

Speakers: Heather Antoine, Bennet Kelley

1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Concurrent Sessions

(24) Client Trust Accounting

An experienced prosecutor from the State Bar of California’s Office of Chief Trial Counsel will provide an overview of attorneys’ client trust accounting responsibilities pursuant to the California Rules of Professional Conduct and relevant case law. Take away practical information to avoid ethical problems in handling client trust funds.

MCLE: 1.0 Hour Legal Ethics

Speaker: Charles Calix

(25) What Litigators Wish Transactional Lawyers Knew

This program will provide tips for drafting contracts, real property transactions and estate plans that can avoid litigation and malpractice, or at least make a subsequent litigator’s job easier.

MCLE: 1.0 Hour of Which 0.5 Hour Applies to Legal Ethics

Speakers: Nancy B. Goldstein, Mark Share, Susan Share

(26) The Basics of Litigating Internal Trust Matters

This entry-level course will focus on disputes between trustees and beneficiaries under the Probate Code’s statutory scheme governing litigation regarding the internal affairs of a trust. The program is designed as both an introduction to those who may be new to the field and a review for more experienced practitioners.

MCLE: 1.0 Hour

Legal Specialization: 1.0 Hour Estate Planning Trust & Probate Law

Speaker: James P. Lamping

2:45 p.m. - 3: 45 p.m.

(27) General Session and Wrap Up: Leveraging the Power of Social Media (Part 2): From LinkedIn to Lunch

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to build referral relationships for your law firm. This fast paced session will cover the 10 steps to jumpstarting your marketing efforts on LinkedIn, and how to go from LinkedIn to lunch. Learn how to create a powerful profile; how to ethically increase your profile views; where to quickly find hundreds of potential referral partners; and how to approach referral partners online and build the relationship offline.

MCLE: Not for MCLE Credit

Speaker: Stephen Fairley

4 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Solo and Small Firm Section Myer J. Sankary Award Reception

The Solo and Small Firm Section will present its 2016 Attorney of the Year Award. Please join us for a cocktail reception for the announcement of the winner and the award presentation.

5 p.m. - 6 p.m.